Ganglion Cyst Treatments

ganglion cyst jennifer hertz md los angeles hand specialistAt her office in downtown Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Hertz uses state-of-the-art processes to treat painful, symptomatic ganglion cysts, restoring flexibility within wrist and the hand and handling symptoms.

What are ganglion cysts?

Ganglion cysts are noncancerous lumps that come on the back of the wrist, frequently in the hand. People with arthritis within the fingers might produce them near the affected finger joints. What causes ganglion cysts are unfamiliar, but they develop more commonly in bones or muscles which were injured previously. They are also more widespread among people between 15 and 40 years old and among women.

What symptoms do they cause?

Ganglion cysts can range in proportions from really, very little to an inch or more in diameter. In some instances, they may cause no signs, but often, they are able to interfere with press or joint function on nerves, causing numbness, pain or tingling. Sometimes, a cyst could be so small, it can’t be observed, but it can cause symptoms.

How are they diagnosed?

Throughout your examination, the cyst is going to be carefully pushed to evaluate structure and its contents. You might need to have an x-ray ultrasound, or MRI to determine when the group can be a cyst or might be due to several other cause such as arthritis or a cancer. If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with a cyst but no tumor is seen, diagnostic imaging are often requested to find out if a small cyst could be hidden deep within the areas. A little liquid sample drawn in the area may also help in diagnosis.

How are ganglion cysts treated?

Since repeated movements may cause some cysts to become bigger sometimes, immobilizing the location may treats a ganglion cyst. Bracing or splinting could also reduce tension in your nerves. Hope is often used to get rid of the liquid containing from reforming the tumor, often followed by an injection of steroids to prevent the cyst. Occasionally, surgery could be required to remove the cyst entirely.


Doctor Hertz and Zack are professional, confident physicians who will make themselves your partner on the journey to a better, healthier you. With their compassionate, kind, and caring attitude, they will take time to talk with you about your condition in order to find the best possible treatment. Their bedside manner is like no other.

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