Wrist and Elbow Injuries

As a top-rated orthopedist within the Los Angeles CA, location, Dr. Hertz is experienced in using sophisticated diagnostic and treatment methods aimed at efficiently managing numerous medical conditions affecting both arm and knee joints, so her patients could feel comfortable within their treatment and their effects.

What are some common conditions affecting the elbow?

The elbow comprises three bones: the humerus in the upper arm and the distance and ulna within the lower arm. Many situations can impact the shoulder joint, including tendinitis and osteoarthritis. Another common shoulder problem is cubital tunnel syndrome, often called cubital tunnel entrapment. The cubital tunnel can be a narrow passageway by which the ulnar nerve must go. Sensations from this nerve have the effect of your “funny bone” response. While that hall becomes narrow, generally from inflammation, the nerves can become compressed, resulting in pain, numbness and other symptoms.

What conditions commonly affect the wrist?

The wrist is the point of many bones – bones from your arm, along with 13 bones in the hand (five metacarpals or reduced hand bones and eight small bones – carpal bones – inside the hand itself). It is also the main point where muscles, nerves and ligaments complete to help the hand function properly. Some of the common situation affecting the arm include injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, bone spurs, fractures and osteoarthritis. Conditions like Kienbocks disease, that causes bone tissue death, can also occur.

How are wrist and elbow conditions diagnosed and treated?

In addition to a health background and thorough physical examination, shoulder conditions and many wrist involve diagnostic imaging, like x-rays MRI scans or, to look for the main reason for symptoms. Once the trigger is set, cure may include treatment, rest, snow or heat therapy, injections, physical therapy, splinting or casting, or either minimally invasive or open surgery for problems that do not answer more conservative approaches.


Doctor Hertz and Zack are professional, confident physicians who will make themselves your partner on the journey to a better, healthier you. With their compassionate, kind, and caring attitude, they will take time to talk with you about your condition in order to find the best possible treatment. Their bedside manner is like no other.

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